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15.01The Next Big dotThing:
The biggest change to the Domain Name System (DNS)in over two decades. Because the Internet originated in the Western hemisphere, naming protocols for web domains and email addresses historically….


24.12Get Connected this Holidays:
The holiday season is upon us. Have you noticed any changes in your behavior this year? It could be you have sent or received an e-card this year. Or perhaps have shopped online for gifts, or used a mobile app to track Santa or your parcels…..

15.11HTML is simply the new HTML5 and beyond:
The HTML specification is henceforth just known as “HTML” according to WHATWG/W3C, with the URL http://whatwg.org/html. With a continued will….

12.09Doppelganger Domains opens up security loophole with serious consequences to fortune 500 firms:
Deszigns Solutions can assist firms free of charge by scanning their domain to determine if it’s susceptible to these digital security threats.

22.08We Help you develop your content:
Spelling mistakes “cost millions” in online sales according to BBC article. Deszigns Solutions help firms craft their online presence with the right content.

01.08New Deszigns Solutions Website Launched:
Deszigns Denmark proudly announces the official launch of its newly developed website.

Deszigns provides Mappiah Consulting A/S Denmark a complete re-branding of their online presence to match the state of the art solutions and consulting services. The Deszigns solution includes a clean appealing look that offers mappiah users a very easy to use navigation.

27.03Doing Business Globally:
UNIBRIAN AFRICA: Deszigns Company, Denmark is selected to deliver online solution to UniBRIAN Africa project.

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