No matter your project and your budget we can strategize with you to create the right site necessary for you to get the highest IRR from your investments.

Planning Your Strategy

We design, scope and plan to give birth to your future digital strategy. Our strategic approach is summarized as follows:
  • Study of Client Demographics
  • Define Target Geographic Market Area
  • Services & Products
  • Average Transaction Volume
  • Cost of New Customer Acquisition
  • Corporate Brand & Logo
  • Present Marketing Plan & Marketing Budget
  • Current Online Presence

Audit & Review

We review your existing site and provide an in-depth report to answer the questions such as:
  • Is the architecture of your site right for your customers?
  • What opportunities is your business missing?
  • Why is this business site not selling more?
  • What is the long-term strategy?
  • Can your customers find what they are searching for and is their experience enjoyable?
  • Are functions on our site correct for your customers and are they working effectively?