How do you make sure you get noticed? We are experts in helping firms achieve their online marketing purposes. Comparing to other online marketing firms, our results tells of our quality and expertise. Our online marketing services covers:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Localized Result Listing Ranking
  • Paid Search, Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Analytics; Google Analytics Management
  • Email Marketing; Email Blast Campaigns
  • Customer Survey Analysis

We Go Further

Deszigns don’t go after simply ‘ranking’ your website for certain keywords, but through proper research and analysis, we rank your website for keywords that translates to the highest conversion rates. We believe you are here; to increase your business through online marketing. You want to reach customers in a manner you have not reached before. Results could be quantified by leads, sales, or brand awareness – whatever your objective is; our goal is to meet it with the highest IRR.

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Our SEO Process

Many online marketing campaigns hangs on the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. Only a proven SEO company like Deszigns can provide the help your company and website needs to be successful at all stages of the SEO steps.
  • We map SEO needs to your business. We provide customized SEO service to each customer.
  • We do intensive market and industry research to formulate the SEO that best suits your company needs.
  • Detail keyword research. Once Deszigns understands your objectives, market, and industry, they will conduct keyword research on your behalf (not online keyword generators).
  • Writing and optimization. Once we conclude on your keyword, we proceed to create content for your website, blogs, and other online spaces.
  • Testing. After we optimize your firm’s site, next we test it and your SEO campaign to ensure that you are getting the desired result. We may adjust keywords, keyword density, or content updates as needed to generate the success required.

Conversion Strategies. After testing we use our tools to generate real time results from your SEO campaign. Conversion is defined as creating a strategy which converts your website visitors into paying customers. Conversion strategy may include special online offers, free gifts with purchase, calls to action, and other techniques. We can help your firm decide on the best conversion way forward.