HTML is Simply the New HTML5

Published: Yaw Appiah, Tuesday 15.Nov.2011 – 09:55

There have been various discussions and debates in the media space regarding HTML5 and flash and just last week, the eventual demise of Flash as announced by Adobe the creators of Flash. Enough of the discussion about flash, this blog is about HTML!!!

Two years ago, WHATWG/W3C announced that the HTML5 specification at the WHATWG was progressing to Last Call. The plan at the time was to finish the specification and publish a snapshot of “HTML5” in 2012 (which was eventually extended to 2014). However, shortly after that it realised that the demand for new features in HTML remained high, and so the need to continue maintaining HTML and adding features to it before it could call “HTML5” finished, and as a result migrate to a new development model, where the technology is not versioned and instead just have a living document that defines the technology as it evolves.

As there is still interest in publishing a snapshot of HTML5, the W3C is still working on that (in conjunction with the WHATWG). Because the specification is still living document, the following changes were declared:

  1. One, The HTML specification was henceforth just known as “HTML”, with the URL With a continued will to maintain the Web Applications 1.0 and later specification that contains HTML and a number of related APIs like Web Storage, Web Workers, and Server-Sent Events.
  2. Two, The WHATWG HTML spec was considered a “living standard” because It was (and still) more mature than any version of the HTML specification to date. W3C/WHATWG no longer followed the “snapshot” model of spec development, with the occasional “call for comments”, “call for implementations”, and many others.

Therefore, the numbered version concept of HTML specification is dead, and definitely a good move by the WHATWG/W3C. Time to stop the useless HTML5 hype. Definitely marketing centric companies will lose big time.

Whats Next?

The next question you may ask is “what is in it for me as company/business pondering deploying a brand-new online presence or migrating to a new one or upgrading?. Huge benefits, a few of them enumerated here:

  1. First, It provides interoperability among many technologies of W3C’s Open Web Platform including HTML, CSS, SVG, WOFF, various APIs, and more regardless of the kind of solution your firm/business want to deploy. The days of downloading plugins in order to experience the full richness of online site is dead.
  2. Second, Provides a rich ecosystem of HTML producers and consumers, which includes authoring tools, browsers, email clients, security applications, content management systems, tools to analyze or convert content, assistive technologies, and unanticipated applications.

In conclusion, we at Deszigns Solution supports the efforts of WHATWG/W3C in the evolvement of HTML. Next, Deszigns deploy solutions for its customers based on the latest specification of HTML and other technologies. Therefore customers are assured seemless integration of their solution to future technologies.

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